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To order by phone, call us at 503-699-4962
or toll free at 1-866-TOP-BRAT ( 1-866-867-2728 )

Please leave your name, phone number, zip code of the package destination and quantity of bratwurst you wish to order
(5 lb., 8 lb., 15 lb. or some larger amount). We will call you back with the shipping charges and complete the order.
See our Shipping Info page for approximate shipping charges.

You may also leave the same information by e-mail (service@altengartz.com).

Bratwurst Sausages

Vacuum Packed
Always Fresh Frozen
5 Lbs.
$35.00 + Shipping
(20 Bratwurst)
8 Lbs.
$53.00 + Shipping
(32 Bratwurst)
15 Lbs.
$95.00 + Shipping
(60 Bratwurst)

Bratwurst Sausages

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