"Hello! We came to your food cart while we were in Portland for the fourth of July! We loved the bratwurst. Actually, I just got back yesterday from a visit to Heidelberg, Germany. I lived in Germany for 16 years and I need to tell you that Altengartz bratwurst are the best I've ever tasted! I would like to order 20 sausage (5 lbs) and they would be sent to Saint Simons Island, Georgia. Thank you!"

Roberta S.

PS- I am going to tell the whole Island about your great bratwurst!

Dear Mr. Wittkopp:

"I just want to thank you for providing such a good product. I first became aware of it when I purchased Brats at Wizer's. They are delicious and I especially appreciate that they are hormone and nitrite free. I was even more pleased to learn that it is a local family- owned business and manufactured in USA. These qualities are important to me because I want to support sustainable and healthy living. I see that your business is located in West Linn where I live, so I thank you, neighbor, and wish you the best!"

Karie O.

PS- I look forward to visiting your food cart next time I'm in PDX!

"We sell 41 different types of sausage in our store. We make 40 of them. Altengartz Bratwurst is the only one we purchase. We just couldn't match the taste. Altengartz bratwurst is made here in Portland by a pair of guys with an authentic German heritage. This is easily the best brat you will ever put in your mouth."

Danny Cummings,
Meat Department Manager
Sheridan Fruit Company, Portland Oregon

“I want to let you know about the many thanks that I get every day from my customers for using Bratwurst from Altengartz. The biggest comment I got was when I was told that a big company had opened a new restaurant ( Hof Brauhouse ) here in Panama City, Fl. Still, my customers said that no one has better Bratwurst than I do. So thank you for the good Bratwurst that you have. I am looking forward to many more orders to be filled by your company- so keep up the good work. Please pass on my thanks to the people that put my order together and the way you all get my order to me so fast.

Once again - Thank You”.

Sylvester White
Sylvester's Imbiss
Panama City, Fl.

"This is a wonderful product. It is definitely the best bratwurst I have ever tasted. Whenever we sample it, it sells like crazy".

Brad Bales
Meat Department Assistant Manager
Barbur World Foods, Portland Oregon

"I have never been able to find a truly authentic German bratwurst since I came back to America after living in Germany. I finally found a real bratwurst in Altengartz brats. Thank you so much"!

Numerous customers of our restaurant,
internet and grocery sales.